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Separate Water Meter Season





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This policy recognizes that water used exclusively for outdoor purposes, such as watering lawns and filling swimming pools, does not enter into the sanitary sewage disposal system operated by Valley Rural Utility Company. Accordingly, Valley Rural Utility Company hereby offers a credit against the sewer bill of its customers for water used exclusively for outdoor purposes, subject to the following conditions:


  1. Separate water meters for outdoor watering will be available for a non-refundable FEE of $90.00. Meters must be used on the outside of the homeowner’s house, and in no way, may the water enter the sanitary sewage disposal system.  Valley Rural Utility Company retains the sole discretion to monitor the use and to decide proper use of the meters. Meters must be returned to the office if the customer is moving, the meter cannot be passed down to the next owner, they will have to pay the FEE to be a part of the Separate Water Meter Program. Only one meter will be allowed for each home.


  1. Meters may be used during the period of April 15 thru October 15.


  1. The participating customers will read their meters on a monthly basis and contact the Valley Rural Utility Company office between the 15th and 20th of each month. If the reading is not reported to the office between the 15th and 20th of each month, no reduction will be issued for that month.  Prior to April 15th of each year or before you use the meter for the first time, you will need to call the office to verify the meter reading by Valley Rural Utility Company before any credits will be given for that calendar year.  There are NO


  1. The water usage from the separate outside meter will be deducted from the regular monthly reading and the sewer charge will be based on the lower reading. The monthly billing will reflect the lower reading.


  1. Valley Rural Utility Company will own and be responsible for the maintenance of the meter should the meter fail. Valley Rural Utility Company at its discretion will replace/exchange meters that are broken depending on circumstances. Meters must be brought into the house after the watering season, they must be kept in a warm place (garages can and do reach below freezing temperatures). Meters left out over the winter will crack due to water trapped inside of them. If this happens please contact the office, you will be required to pay the $90.00 if this happens more than once.


  1. Valley Rural Utility Company office will keep a manual record for each participating customer. (Meter Serial # - Starting & Ending meter reading)


  1. Tampering with meters is a violation of Indiana law. Offenders will be prosecuted and will be subject to removal from the program, revocation of all credits, and disconnection from the water and sewer systems (as set forth in Rules 18 and 19, in the Company’s Rules and Regulations).


  1. Random inspections of meters will occur during the watering season.


  1. Valley Rural Utility Company will evaluate this policy on an annual basis and may; in its sole discretion, suspend or cancel the policy.