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For the most up to date information concerning the Valley Rural Utility Company, check our website at www.valleyruralutilityco.com or our Facebook page at Valley Rural Utility Co.


VRUC Water & Sewer bills are mailed to every customer by the end of each month and, payment is due by the 20th.  If you have not received your bill by the 2nd of the month, please call the VRUC Office to get your balance due.



I would like to take this opportunity to once again print important “Facts and Information” concerning VRUC.  Most HVL residents have seen this information before but, there are new customers who are unaware that:

  1. VRUC is a private utility company owned and operated separately from Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association. Our purpose is to supply sewer and water service to Hidden Valley Lake.  Customers have no financial investment in this company.  VRUC customers purchase a product/service from us.  Customers pay no yearly dues to VRUC and VRUC gets no portion of HVLPOA Dues, therefore there are no memberships.  Instead, each paying HVL household is entitled to vote in a yearly election for VRUC Board Members. 


  1. VRUC purchases the water we supply to our customers from Greendale. Although the water may still be “somewhat hard” (5.5 gpg / 94.05 mg/L), Greendale does soften the water before we receive it.  Sewer transport and treatment is also through Greendale.


  1. VRUC Board of Director Meetings are held quarterly, (January, April, July, October). Our meetings are held at the VRUC Office at 8:00 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month.

.…. A customer wishing to address the VRUC Board of Directors but, cannot attend the Board Meeting, may come to the VRUC Office, and fill out the necessary paperwork requesting a special meeting with the Board.

.…. If a customer attends a scheduled VRUC Board Meeting with intent to discuss a certain topic, that topic and that person’s name must be on the agenda by noon the Thursday before the scheduled meeting.


  1. VRUC is a not-for-profit business and goes through a very thorough audit at the end of every year. There are a limited number of audit reports available for review at the VRUC Office during normal business hours.


  1. South Dearborn Regional Sewer District recently passed a rate increase to

      their transporters (of which Greendale is).  Transporters in turn passed it

      on to their sewer/water businesses (of which VRUC is.)  Businesses in turn

      pass it on to their customers.  Please note that VRUC does not markup this



  1. As a water/sewer customer of Greendale, VRUC is unaware of rates other Greendale customers are charged. But, according to our contract with Greendale, our rates will not increase unless all Greendale customers rate increase.


  1. Your monthly cost for water and sewer is determined by usage, not by size

of the family.  Even the smallest leak, in a months’ time will cost you money.  Check all faucets, toilets and outside hoses for slow leaks.  There are water saving devices you can buy and install on faucets to help save money.  Make sure your water softener is not running more than needed, that can be a huge waste of water.  You can even call the VRUC Office and request your meter be checked for a leak.


  1. VRUC water and sewer rates are NOT the highest in the United States. They are NOT even the highest in the local Tri-State area.


  1. Separate water meters are available for purchase at the VRUC Office and are to be used for jobs such as watering grass, washing vehicles or, filling pools.  These meters can only be used between April 15 thru October 15.  To receive credit, you must call the VRUC Office between the 15th-20th and report your monthly reading from your separate meter.  To activate the meter for the upcoming year, you MUST call in the final reading from the previous year.  After the office staff verifies the two readings, you may begin using it.


  1. In the year 2022, VRUC plans to begin Phase 1 of replacing old, undersize waterlines as well as installing more fire hydrants as we proceed. This is a major undertaking and could take years to complete.  The financial portion of this project began a few years back with setting money aside, the more money set back, the less money to financed.  We are still finalizing all the “leg work” but, are eager to begin digging in 2022.


  1. The natural gas lines in HVL are under the Valley Rural Utility Company name. However, it managed through VRUC Utility Pipeline Ltd.


  1. VRUC does not respond to nor conduct business through social media. Having tried this at one point, VRUC found too many inaccurate statements to try and address each one.  


  1. The faster way to get answers to your sewer and water questions is to eliminate any middlemen and deal directly with the VRUC Office. Please, if you have questions and you want honest accurate answers stop by or call the VRUC Office during normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or, attend a quarterly VRUC Board Meeting or, call the VRUC Office at

812-539-3330.  If the Office Staff cannot get you an answer, they will notify me, and I will be happy to talk with you one on one.


  1. VRUC is also going to put into effect our annual 2.5% operational increase along with the needed increase that will come from the Greendale rate increase. The total increase for water will be 3.69% for water and 3.06% for sewer. This will translate into an increase of $1.92 for minimum bill users and an average family (5000 gallons) can expect an increase of around $3.50 - $4.00 per month. Hopefully this will help VRUC customer's budget their yearly expenses.

Customers will see this increase in their bill that will be due March 20th, 2022.






Thank You,

Kody Hildebrand

VRUC General Manager